Monday, November 24, 2008

Some More Final Touches (VIDEO)

So I haven't posted in a bit since Ive been busy learning Flash/AS3 and balancing schoolwork. I am going to be transporting my MT box this weekend, so I wanted to finalize the top so that it didn't slide around anymore.

I put some nails through the side walls and acrylic that go into the removable top:

This keeps all the pieces from moving around and gives it a snug fit.

And here is the top, all screwed together and very strong:

The top part (the top bezel and the outer wood rails) lifts completely off so that the acrylic can be easily cleaned.

I also took the webcam and stuck it to the backlight with some double sided tape in a more permanent installation:

You'll notice it is my Microsoft VX-3000 webcam in there, not my PS3 Eye. I am still waiting on the PS3 Eye to be enabled to be used in the newer better tbeta software (windows).

The setup for now is going to stay as a Side DI LCD, since it's works pretty well, and I've turned my attention to writing some programs. I started with making a simple game of Tic Tac Toe, but after learning a bunch, got bored and moved onto something else. Currently I am writing an app which pops up a menu when you put three fingers down, creating a triangle of less than a certian number of pixel area. After last night of discovering the benifits of using the Point class, I made a bunch of headway.

Below is a video showing the basic build of the box and showing its functionality. Since my computer is slow (single core), and I am using the Microsoft VX-3000 webcam, which gets about 24fps or so, the Photo App runs a bit slow. Upon watching the video it is obvious that my calibration was a tad off also. Oh well, I still like how the video turned out :)

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