Saturday, June 13, 2009

ACRYLITE Rear Projection Material Comparison

So I tested the ACRYLITE RP materials that are offered by Evonik (Germany) for Rear Projection acrylic screens.
My favorite is the 7D006, but since it is hard to get if you live outside of Europe, of the other materials, which are domestic USA mainly, the dark grey had the best and closest image quality to the 7D006.

Tested Materials:
7D006 - grey (Used in the Microsoft Surface Tables)
0D002 - colorless
7D512 - light grey
7D513 - dark grey

Projector: 2500 lumens
Ambient Light: Medium


  1. I have some samples of this material and a like the dark grey as well. I have compared it side by side with polymer film and it is much better. have you conducted any multitouch experiments with this? If yes how did it perform.

  2. Please see new blog and answer here:

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