Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Touch Menu System: Initial Structure (Video)

So I am building a 3D menu system using FlashCS4 with Papervision3D and Tweener added extensions. My previous basic cursor app done earlier in AS2 can be found here. I love the 3D world and what you can do with it so expect big stuff from me when I do my future apps. Try it out below:

Here is a video showing it used in a touch environment (no extra touch features yet):

In the above video, what you are seeing is the central sphere launch from start up, one tap in this central sphere launches satellites when none are present. Hitting one of the satellites causes the next level to be displayed (hard to see in the video, but the base color of the satellites is changing, notice the bottom left sphere changes as I move up/down levels). The satellites with the green on them is the furthest level you can go, and thus me hitting the satellites more doesn't do anything. If the central sphere is hit when there are satellites up, it advances down one level, showing the next level satellites, but only if we aren't at the starting base level.

The menu will be launched by my 3 finger menu launch code that I created a month or so ago. The central orb will be a 3D model done up in 3D Studio Max or equivalent software. The "satellites" orbiting the central sphere will have planes with words/graphics fixed to them in much better graphics than you see in this video.
There will be many layers and will be as easily customizable as I can make it. I also plan on adding a menu section that will allow the manipulating of the menu itself, like flying around the whole 3D system, moving the satellites around, etc.

More to come soon.

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  1. Very nice! great result with the multicolored orbs!