Thursday, October 30, 2008

Learning Flash and Actionscript

So I started learning flash and Actionscript 3 (AS3) this week. I first started with the basic multitouch app posted on the nuigroup wiki page, and eventually was able to get it to create red circles on the screen whenever I touched:

The circles dont go away after you touch them so that's why you see a lot of them.
I then started to make my first basic cursor app. Following some tutorials online I made the below app (click the white box and move your mouse around it):

It is written in Flash 6 and AS2, which is far lower than any of the multitouch apps require, and am in the process of porting it over to the newer stay tuned for word on that working.


  1. Could you tell me where you learned that kind of app.? which site?


  2. I cant remember the exact website I based the above cursor app on, but I simply did a google search for "as3 tutorial" and found lots of helpful sites. One in particular was:

  3. thanks, now I just need to figure out how you made the cursor app.

  4. thanks it's a great application. I was wondering how you made it. can you please help me in coding it. If possible send me the code to .

  5. unfortunately the cursor app was made in AS2 which wont work for multitouch