Sunday, October 26, 2008

PS3 Webcam Dissection

Went out to get a PS3 eye camera today because the 20 or so frames per second that I was getting with my previous camera just isnt that good.

Took the pieces apart per the instructions on this post.
Though it was much tougher to get the main housing apart than he described it.

Took the lenses off, and cut the IR filter out of the plastic.

Put it all back together

I was able to easily get it to run on the computer (which it wasnt originally meant to do) using the software found on this page.
I was able to get around 128fps in 320x240 resoultion which is awesome. Now I just need the drivers to be updated to work with tbeta and Ill be golden...stay tuned.


  1. How did you fix the focus issue? I did the same as you, but got the focus issue......

    If you have good solution for this, please let me know, thank you!

  2. I havnt modified the camera to fix the focus...why do you want to? It works fine without fixing it.
    Ways to fix it if you wanted to is to sand down the bottom part of the lens, or just rotate it a little between the wide and normal lens-turning-positions and then put something there to hold it in place. You'll notice that when you turn the lens, it will go into focus at a certain turned position.

  3. If don't fix it, the image is very dim.
    Did you remain the focus problem in your MT?
    I tried like you said, rotate it into the position before "clicks", it got better, but still dim, I'm looking for a better solution.

  4. Hmm...well, I didnt do anything for my MT to fix the focus issue, it works fine though..dont know why it isnt working for some pics up on the nuigroup forum and Ill take a look

  5. Oh, I didnt mean it isnt working, just not enough in focus, image is dim. That's OK for test, but for final product, I think need be improved....
    OK, Thank you.

  6. Do you need to make a Visable light filter (exposed film) for the EYE?

  7. Yes, after removing the IR blobking filter, add a small piece of floppy disk or a band pass filter to the camera. The piece of floppy can go between the CMOS sensor on the circuit board and the lens. The bandpass filter usually gets put on top of the lens.

  8. Hi Nolan, This is triny Prada I've bought 2 PS3 IR from you in may. I hope you are doing fine. Well, me I don't know what happen, in fact the ps3 is not recognised by my lap top, a mac 10.5.8 ! I'm using touché or tbeta. The webcamera from the laptop tourn on and the ps3 doesn't appear. Do you know how to do ? It would be nice if you can help me. Best regards, and thanks at lot.
    Triny my email : triny.prada @