Friday, October 17, 2008

Night of Disaster - Death of LCDs

So I took apart the Sony I had gotten last night and was relieved that it didn't have the FFC issue. The cables going to the LCD were just a bunch or normal wires. Getting the LCD off of the backlight though posed it's own problems. It was really on there, and I was having difficulty so I had my roommate help me out. We were using a small flat head screwdriver to pry apart the plastic frame that surrounds the backlight-LCD unit together. After finally getting it off though, our hearts sunk. In taking it off we had punctured the thin cables running from the LCD crystal to the LCD circuit board. Every LCD has these thin cables, which is why LCD dissembling is a very scary thing to do. We had inadvertently punctured it as were prying it apart. I hooked it up and verified that it did indeed not work.

I had a 19" Samsung 930B lying around not being used that I really didn't want to dissect for my table, but I decided to do so anyway. And as fate would have it, as I was taking the LCD crystal apart from the backlight, I scraped the ribbons enough to kill a quarter of the screen. Arg. I learned that not only do some panels have ribbons coming off the bottom of the screen, but the right side can also have small ribbons linking the horizontal sections together. In these links, there are small rectangular blocks that I had scraped a piece out of, thus killing that section.

Well, I am really really pissed right now for destroying 3 LCD panels in less than a week. Time to hit up again and get another one tomorrow morning.

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  1. As a famous saying in Chinese goes that"Failure is the mother of success !" Cheers~
    BTW, i learnt a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    From Shanghai