Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beginning of finishing touches

I started with today on attaching the slimmed down Side DI setup on top of my LCD. I had a piece of acrylic that I had bought at Home Depot previously that was the exact size of the LCD.

I took my new slimmer light rails and taped them to the base acrylic that the LCD was also taped to.

I used electrical tape to block the light coming up from below, and taped the LED rails around the 3 sides too.

I put the original wood bezel on top and cut some wood to fill the gaps around the edges.

I then set out to make my side panel.
I had gone to Frys and gotten some parts to make the female-ended plugs that would have the 3 cables plug into: Power, USB, and VGA.
I drilled holes in the side of my box to accommedate the plugs, made a metal faceplate, screwed it all in:

And caulked around it with clear silicon, and plugged the cables in:

I really like it. It looks smooth and adds a professional look to it.

With the side panel installed, I was able to mount the surge protector inside the case, and tidy the wires up a bit.

Unfortunately until I get a laptop power supply to run my LEDs Im going to have to have the clunky modded power supply inside my case:

Notice also that I installed some magnetic latches, like in kitchen cabinets so that the door snaps shut.
And here is what it all looks like put together, with a video test showing the blobs:

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  1. Nolan, he estado leyendo tu blog, y me sorprende lo que has logrado en tan poco tiempo.
    Mi nombre es carlos y soy de Argentina, hablo español.
    me gustaría que me asesores con mi mesa multitouch, es algo mas simple creo por que consiste en una caja de madera, el acrílico, el proyector y espejo.
    trato de producir esto con un lapso de tiempo de 30 dias, es para feria de ciencias...
    Espero que puedas contestarme, gracias.