Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Video Dissection of PS3 Eye Camera for MT Optical-Based Setups

Made some tutorial videos showing every step to take out the IR blocking filter and then putting in a visible blocking filter in the PS3 Eye Camera. Enjoy.

Part 1: IR Blocking Filter Removal

Part 2: Adding Visible Blocking Filter, Tests With IR Light


  1. Hellow peau. First, sorry for my bad englsih, I am Spanish.

    I do the same thing that you in the video with my PS3eye, but the results are very different.
    once I put the floopy filter, noise and grain appears very much in the video, and detects badly the blobs. If I turn off the automatic settings i have better results but does not approach your results...

    Any Idea?¿

    Tthanks and sorry for my bad english

  2. Are you saying the "automatic settings" of the camera? The image will be slightly grainy, and adjusting the camera settings and the filters in tbeta should solve most of your problems. Test the camera without the floppy disk in there and see if it is the lens causing the problem. If not then maybe you just need a better band pass filter.

  3. In the video you mention the ir filters from omegabob2 ebay store. Is there a specific model you could recommend? One that fits nicely and has usefull ir blocking for multitouch? You definitly seem to have more experience in this than I do.

  4. See my store at http://peauproductions.com/store/ for all parts needed to modify the cameras including the filters from omegabob