Saturday, January 31, 2009

SecondLife Mockup of DSI Table

So I havnt posted it here, but the current table Im working on is going to be a DSI table instead of the previosly mentioned LLP design. DSI is similar to DI and FTIR, where the LEDs still surround the special Endlighten acrylic needed for DSI to work, but the acrylic itself is the IR emitter, instead of groups of IR LEDs on the rear of the touch surface (like in Rear DI). The biggest advantage is that you dont need a compliant layer, so I can have a thin piece of glass as the very top surface.
Ive done some building in SecondLife showing what it is going to kinda look like:


  1. Thank you a lot for this blog. I am investigating multitouch interfaces and i really would like to go to the right place in SL to see this table. Could you post the slurl plz ?

    Best regards from France !
    Hugobiwan Zolnir

  2. We are building a NUI Group Headquarters in SecondLife right now. For now it is under construction, though a basic building has been constructed. The building will showcase the different types of tables and offer a place to discuss MT related projects.
    The slurl is:
    **Stay tuned**

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