Saturday, February 7, 2009

3D Models of Optical-Based MultiTouch Techniques

I have made some 3D models showcasing the current methods to make optical-based multi-touch setups: FTIR, Rear DI, Front DI, DSI, LLP, and LED-LP
They are all done in the game Second Life, which has really good 3D building abilities.
Ive also modeled some MT setups: my current LED-LP, my in-progress DSI, cerupcat’s FTIR, AlexP’s LLP and more to come.
Take a look. I have hopes that the basic modeling will be used as helpful information for learning about MT and how it all works in the hardware side.
And the other picture is of my living room, with my in-progress DSI table as the coffee table. Oh and my art on the walls smile


  1. I just loved your blog. Really inspiring! Keep on the great work!

  2. tell me something, does your Side DI setup (LED-LP) work with fidutial markers? Have you tried rear DI on your setup? thanks!

  3. Fiducials that are non-light emitting cant work with any setups except Rear DI and DSI, as IR light is not being shot up at the object in the other techniques.
    You can embed LEDs inside a fiducual so that the pattern is lit up and use those on any type of table.
    I have tried Rear DI before when prototyping my LCD setup, and after getting no results from about 70 LEDs, gave up. From my research I have not seen REAR DI LCD work, usually due to most LCD matrices by design blocking IR light.

  4. commented on the wrong post earlier -- This is similar to the Edusim project @